Safety Solutions: Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras & Photo Enforcement

Redflex Traffic Systems has been helping to reduces crashes and save lives for more than 25 years through an on-going development of new safety products, including speed cameras, red light cameras, school bus stop arm cameras and other photo enforcement solutions, that deter dangerous driving.

Redflex has programs to deter red light running (REDFLEXred®), speeding (REDFLEXspeed®), passing stopped school buses (REDFLEX Student Guardian®), crossing railroad tracks while the alarm is active (REDFLEXrail®), running stop signs (REDFLEXstop®), unauthorized vehicles driving and stopping in bus lanes (REDFLEX Bus Lane®), speeding in highway work zones (REDFLEX Worker Guardian®), stopping in an intersection during a red light (REDFLEX Grid Free®) and travelling in a crosswalk when a pedestrian is present (REDFLEX Pedestrian Guardian®).

Plus, we have technology to help prevent right angle crashes by red light runners (REDFLEXred Halo®)

REDFLEX turnkey safety programs typically include all hardware, installation, maintenance, software, citation processing, mailing, adjudication services, payment possessing, collections, process serving, public outreach and training.

Learn about our photo enforcement solutions, including red light cameras, speed cameras and more. Contact Redflex Traffic Systems online or call (866) 703-8097 today.

On average, Redflex processes more than 1 million violations a month and maintains a 92% citation capture rate.