Boost Collection Rates Of Photo Enforcement Citation, Traffic Warrants And Municipal Debts

For most, a citation serves as a sufficient deterrent to breaking the law or skirting a regulation. However, the fine is not a failsafe. Many will push the limits of the law before compliance, and additional efforts are needed to collect outstanding debts. Automated Scofflaw Program, or ASP, provides municipalities with an affordable and realistic avenue to collect past due fines from photo enforcement violations or other common municipal debts, such as utility bills, court warrants and parking fees.

The REDFLEX ASP® Advantage

  • Flexible, customizable, automated programs
  • Unpaid municipal debts can include photo enforcement citations, utility bills, court warrants, parking fees, etc.
  • Collects outstanding debts through vehicle registration holds and other assets, depending on state law
  • Single point for debt recovery effort
  • More cost effective than traditional collection agencies. Typically 25% lower cost yet 200% to 500% greater generation of funds from unpaid citations
  • Customer Call Center to answer citizen questions
  • Full menu of Correspondence available: 1st, 2nd, 3rd notices, warnings, etc.

Download Automated Scofflaw Program product brochure

Since implementing ASP in 2011, a Texas City has netted more than $1.7 million in unpaid citations, representing a 44% collection rate for old debt and 56% for new debt.

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