REDFLEXred Halo – Collision Prevention System

Intelligent collision prevention system predicts when a driver could run a red light and holds opposing traffic

For decades we have enabled law enforcement agencies to effectively monitor and detect dangerous driving behaviors. Now, we can actually help you prevent crashes in your community. Enter REDFLEXred Halo,an optional add-on to the REDFLEXred® automated enforcement system designed to prevent right angle or "T-bone" crashes – the most deadly type of auto crashes – at your busy and dangerous intersections.

REDFLEXred Halo is an intelligent collision prevention system that extends the all-red phase for cross-traffic when it detects a vehicle could run a red light. Law-abiding drivers in cross-traffic lanes stay put while the incident is captured on camera, greatly reducing the chances they'll enter into a deadly situation.

Vehicle A is in the Critical Decision Zone during a Yellow phase. The driver must make a decision whether to stop or enter the intersection.

Vehicle A entered the intersection during a Red phase. Adjacent, Vehicle B is held during an All-Red phase for an extended period of time to reduce the chance a right-angle collision will occur.

Vehicle A is safely out of the intersection. Vehicle B can now be released with a Green phase and proceed through the intersection safely.

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In 2009, more than 32% of deadly crashes at intersections involved a red light violation.
*National Safety Council, "Analysis of Intersection Fatal and Nonfatal Crashes from 2005 to 2009," 2011.