Redflex Traffic Systems®, Inc. has launched a mobile app to inform drivers of fixed red-light, rail and speed-camera locations.

Available for iOS, Redflex Locator App identifies approximately 900 intersections and roadways with fixed camera systems in 18 states utilizing the technology to combat dangerous driving.

Upon registering, users can view safety camera locations by simply selecting the state and city. A map populates with pins identifying fixed red-light cameras, speed cameras, systems combining red-light and speed detection, and systems at railroad crossings. The locations will be updated on a monthly basis.

The initial version of Redflex Locator App is free and can be downloaded here from the Apple Store. The Redflex development team is currently working on a second version of the app with GPS functionality, automated updates, push notifications and audio alerts of photo enforcement locations.

REDFLEXred®, Redflex’s red-light camera system, is designed to detect and deter drivers from running red lights. The system is triggered to captures data of a vehicle if it progresses through an intersection after the signal turns red.

REDFLEXspeed® monitors the speed of passing traffic. The system records data if a vehicle travels faster than the threshold speed.

REDFLEXrail® is specifically designed for railroads, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance safety and security at high-risk crossings.

If a safety camera detects a potential violation, the data – including still images and video – undergoes a three-step review process, conducted by three different reviewers, and is placed into an evidence file. A local law enforcement officer makes the final review of the evidence to determine whether a citation is warranted.

“Photo enforcement programs work – every day drivers make it home from work safely because of an accident that didn’t happen. The goal of Redflex’s programs is to modify driver behavior. We hope the Redflex Locator app is one step in that direction.” - James Saunders, president and CEO of Redflex